Families come in all shapes and sizes. At Hayle Law, we are committed to creating custody arrangements that address the unique needs of today’s ever-changing family structures, while ensuring that the best interests of the children involved are well-protected.


Under Georgia law, a father who is not married to the mother of his child at the time the child is born does not have legal rights to the child. This is true even when the father signs the birth certificate and even when the father is paying child support. Any father seeking legal rights to his child, including, but not limited to, custody, visitation, access to school and medical records, etc., must go through the process of legitimation. At Hayle law, we have handled all types of legitimation cases, from basic legitimation orders by agreement of both mother and father, to highly contested legitimation actions in which fathers are seeking primary custody. Georgia law recognizes a presumption that it is in a child’s best interests to have a healthy and meaningful relationship with both parents when possible. Hayle Law has successfully represented many fathers seeking to legally protect their rights to be present and involved in the lives of their children. No matter the complexities of the case, we are here to help. If you are looking to establish your legal relationship with your child, call us at Hayle Law to set up a consultation today.

Child Custody

Whether you are going through a divorce or break-up, or trying to navigate co-parenting with an unexpected partner, we understand that establishing the legal and physical custody arrangements for your child is the most crucial legal undertaking. At Hayle Law, we work hard to create a custody plan that reflects your needs and, most importantly, ensures that your child’s best interests are being protected. Perhaps you and your co-parent have been following a parenting time schedule for some time and would like it reduced to writing. Or maybe you’ve never followed a set plan, but a recent breakdown in communication has made it necessary. Or what if you and your co-parent both want primary custody? Whatever your unique situation, we will provide effective and compassionate representation in the often difficult process of custody determination.

Grandparent Custody and Visitation Rights

The rights of grandparents to the care and custody of their grandchildren is an area of the law in Georgia that continues to change and evolve. As the definition of family becomes more and more inclusive, the number of grandparents looking for ways to protect their relationships with their grandchildren has increased. If you are a grandparent seeking custody or an established visitation schedule for your grandchild, or if your child’s grandparent is seeking to establish custody or a visitation schedule that could impact your rights as a parent, call Hayle Law today to schedule a consultation.